Quiksilver sustainability challenge

For the 3 or 4 weeks we have been working on the quiksilver challenge. The quiksilver challenge is taking action on trying to stop single use plastic. I have written a letter to the editor and done a blog post so far. I encourage people to stop buying things that come in single use plastic by doing these things

-buying boxes of food instead of small packages
-take three pieces of rubbish from the beach when you leave
-use a bin, don’t be lazy
-reuse plastic bags
-Use green bags

plastic bags are made of petrol which is not sustainable and people have estimated that it will not be around for ever.


on the 25th of April it will be ANZAC day.

Cooper and I watched a video an I really liked it.


we are working on perspectives of the Turkish people when Australia invaded

Cyber safety

today we had to watch a cyber safety slide show and a few small videos.

I have to do a reflection on the presentation.

-if you are getting cyber bullied tell someone about it, it will make you feel a lot better

-dont be a bully, bullying more than once can get the police involved.

– if someone is being bullied step up, tell the teacher or say ‘I need you for a second’ and pull the victim away.

– if someone is being continuosly bullied be friendly to them show that you are a real friend and support them.

-go through your friends list an social media and ask yourself ‘would you be ok if this person came in and had dinner with you’

How to get on the secret page

every week i will post a riddle for the code

first number


comment with the answer



sorry about the past 2 weeks I have had mass. So I will post 3 hints today.


1+100X10-900-10 divided by 10 – 9


Nick Dal Santo’s number for North Melbourne


Find these questions out and you have the answer to the secret page and remember you can use CALCULATOR

put the answers in order and you have the code for the secret page

animals at torquay college

Today the 3/4s in green went to Torquay college to have a look at their animals.


I got to be the closest to the head!

we had to be buddied up. one from Torquay college and one st therese.

I got to get a bottle brush flower and a stick, one of the birds jump onto the stick and starts eating the nectar from the bottle brush








hooded plovers

Yesterday a lady named meg came to talk to us about the hooded plovers. the hooded plovers live close to my suburb. When a predator (including us) they with fake a broken wing, then when the predator gets close enough it flies away. when this happens walk towards the bird because if you go away you might step on the nest

You can win

First person to post a comment on my blog gets a big shoutout on every page and gets to choose a widget like snowball and ben.

No one else can get that only the first person to comment. second place gets a shout out on whatever page they comment on.

if there is a winner the name would be below here.



Dr Jane Goodall

On Tuesday The year 4s in green (including me) went to Deakin university.

We went to see Dr  Jane Goodall talk about how she got the opportunity to go live with the chimps.

Before that 11 people spoke and 1 of the people was Mathew Stokes!

IMG_0713[2] IMG_0710[1]

IMG_0709[1] IMG_0708[1]

IMG_0707[1] IMG_0706[1]

How to upload a video

Step 1: Go into your blog and have your  video ready.

Step 2: Go onto your video and click share then embed and copy the code.

Step 3: Go onto your blog and click the top left button add media.

Step 4:  Paste your code in

Step 5: Watch the video eg. Orangutan